Alric the Wild!
Like a pie in the face of history.

If you cross Conan the Barbarian with SpongeBob SquarePants and add a sprinkling of Indiana Jones, you'll begin to understand Alric the Wild.
This quirky all-ages graphic novel series introduces kids to major events in ancient history.

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Synopsis: In ancient times when warriors were forged from the edge of a blade, there is one hero who wasn't - Alric the Wild.
Join Alric, Monkey King, and Camila the Amazon Princess for an idiotic romp of epic proportions. Hijinx, magic, fun, and highflying
adventure weave their way through every volume as the madcap trio sink Atlantis, topple the Great Wall of China, destroy the
Colossus of Rhodes, get Socrates arrested, and burn down the Library of Alexandria. Few can claim to have set history screaming
off course more often than Alric the Wild!

Themes: Friendship, slapstick, humor.

Similar Titles: Asterix, SpongeBob SquarePants, George of the Jungle, and Groo the Wanderer.